Searching for a Women’s Only Gym in Brisbane? Venus Fitness Delivers a Female-Centric Experience.

Every day yields a new temptation - calorie-stuffed goodies served on endless platters, seducing you with their sweet and savoury layers. It’s a whirl of butter-slathered ingredients and chocolate-covered delights, and trying to combat it with exercise proves challenging: if only because the hard-core blitz of sweat, grunts, and clanging weights makes the gym so uninviting.

Venus Fitness sympathises. This is why we serve as a women’s only gym in Brisbane, providing a welcoming environment and a female-centric philosophy. Our qualified team delivers the support, service, and smiles needed to empower our clients (and help them counter those oh-so-delicious temptations). We promote well-being.

Venus Fitness: About Us

As the premier women’s gym in Brisbane, Venus Fitness emphasises more than simple exercise. We instead recognise the value of building confidence and providing holistic education. We connect our clients to the information they need to make good life decisions - enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional states.

Searching for a female gym in Brisbane? Contact us! We offer a variety of wellness programs (like our I Am Woman seminar), focusing on each client’s individual needs and goals.

Choosing a Women’s Gym in Brisbane: Our Approach to Fitness

Your body is unique. Your fitness plan must, therefore, also be unique. As the leading women’s only gym in Brisbane, we understand that you require a comprehensive approach to health - which is why we combine holistic practises with dynamic exercises.

We identify every client's specific fitness goals, create ways to reach those objectives, and deliver a series of innovative initiatives (such as I Am Woman, an eight-week seminar that offers insights into prenatal and postnatal biological changes). We serve as a female only gym in Brisbane, accommodating women and their quest for better well-being.

Finding a Women’s Gym in Brisbane: Our Classes

To ensure that our clients receive the physical and emotional support they deserve, we offer a variety of classes, including:</p>

  • Yoga.

  • Cardio-Based Boxing.

  • Body Sculpting.

  • Weight Training.

  • Outdoor Cardio.

  • Resistance Training.

  • Post-Natal Care Stability.


A female gym in Brisbane should offer more than exercise opportunities. It should also provide clients with educational opportunities. This is why we’ve launched the I Am Woman program, offering insights into holistic practises (including nutritional therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, and postnatal care). We connect new or expectant mothers with the information - and care - they need.

Looking for a Women’s Only Gym in Brisbane? Contact Venus Fitness Today!

Life is a series of temptations (most of them too delicious to ignore). Let us help you combat them, redefining your body and your mindset. Schedule an appointment with Venus Fitness today and let us cater to your needs, wants, and exercise wishes.


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