Women’s Fitness Challenge at Venus Gym in Brisbane

8 Week Challenge

Exercising is something we all know we should be doing, but it's not always easy to get moving. Even though the benefits of movement far outweigh the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, motivation plays a big part in our desire to stay on track. Also, the diet industry is a billion dollar façade that wants to make women believe that fad diets are the quick fix to a perfect body and good health.  The truth is that regular physical activity can improve your life in many ways including decreased risk of diseases, improved sex life, elevated mood and glowing skin.  With all of these known health benefits, why is it so difficult to actually get moving?  It usually comes down to waning motivation.

At Venus Gym, we believe in you!  We know that with a bit of creativity, the proper mindset and a lot of support you will stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Our aim is to do more than provide a women’s fitness challenge in Brisbane. We want to inspire you to face your motivational roadblocks and reach your full fitness potential. By providing a unique approach to inspire and enlighten you, Venus Gym is a safe space to redefine your dreams and revamp your confidence.

Why Exercise is good for your Body, Soul and Mind

In addition to warding off diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, a physically active female is less prone to several health threats including endometrial and ovarian cancer, fibroids, osteoporosis and breast cancer.  Also, regular exercise has been known to lower blood pressure, elevate moods and even regulate hormones!

If you’re looking for a fitness challenge in Brisbane, Venus Gym can get you there by designing a personalised regime that you can live with.  For example, our new Mum program "I Am Woman" is designed with new mums in mind – now you don’t have to dream of being healthier and fit.  Just give us eight weeks and we will help you achieve this fitness challenge!  An 8-week commitment to the course and intensive training will help you shed unwanted pounds and learn how to keep the weight off.

The Healing Power of Touch for a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to free childminding and personalised training, we offer a variety of group fitness classes to offer you a women’s fitness challenge in Brisbane. After a fun training session, why not head over for a relaxing massage! The power of touch has long been recognised for its detoxing and relaxing properties. Our enthusiastic massage therapists are here to help you release the tensions of daily life and provide tips and a program to avoid imbalance or pain. Bring your stress to us and leave with a light, refreshed feeling.

Women of Brisbane: when you’re ready for a fitness challenge we are ready for you. Some see how our welcoming studio and mindful community will help you achieve a balanced level of fitness. Visit us online or call us on (07) 3847 9888 to get started today!

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