Does Your Gym Offer Mums and Bubs Fitness in Brisbane?

Yoga has grown in popularity for all ages with couple and family classes providing quality time together for many. A new trend is mums and bubs fitness and yoga classes to allow new mums and their bubs to take yoga together.

Venus Health and Fitness is proud to bring mum and bubs fitness to Brisbane. Whether mum was a yoga devotee previously or is new to this form of exercise, you will both find these sessions stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

Our Mums and Bubs Gym in Brisbane Is a Welcoming Place

There are a variety of benefits to both mother and baby. There is no question that the nurturing and playful time spent on the yoga mat will be an important and intimate bonding experience for both. It allows this bonding to occur outside of the home and provides a welcoming environment. Between crying, diaper changing and feeding, new mothers sometimes feel unwelcome or out of place when they venture out to public places with their little one. This makes many excursions outside the home frustrating and daunting. Some new mums find themselves going out less and less, and only when necessary. This form of self-imposed isolation is not healthy for mother or baby.

Our mums and bubs gym in Brisbane is the perfect place where you are with other new mothers and their babies. We all understand what you are going through and will provide support and understanding in a baby-friendly environment. This is also an opportunity to meet other new mums and begin to socialise your little one. Babies are not an unwelcome nuisance at our mums and bubs gym, they are expected and very welcome. You will see the other participants light up when you enter the room with your little bundle of joy! 

Other Benefits of Yoga for Mums and Bubs Fitness in Brisbane

Another important benefit is to help encourage a feeling of well-being for mum at a time when post-partum depression can be a challenge. This can be an opportunity for mum to ease back into yoga and also to begin to instil in her child healthy lifestyle habits such as regular exercise.

Your baby is likely to sleep better and experience greater flexibility as a result of the activity and targeted stretches that mum will perform with baby in this soothing playful setting. Your baby will be stimulated with gentle sights and sounds while being guided through soothing exercises, stretches and poses. Since much of the positioning and stretching involves mum lifting and holding bub, you will enjoy the benefits of a health workout while spending quality one-on-one time with your child.

Overall, you each will increase your overall fitness and improve your emotional well-being at our mums and bubs gym in Brisbane. For more information about our mums and bubs yoga, give us a call, pop in at the gym or click here.

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