Women’s Fitness and Wellness Program in Brisbane

The New Year is a perfect time to reset the food dial and get back on the fitness and wellness track.  At Venus Gym, we offer several exciting ways to revamp your health, reset your goals and recharge your batteries. After overindulging and overextending yourself this past season, why not make this the year that’s all about good health? Visit us and see how the Venus Gym community and our fitness classes nurture your mind, soul and body.

Venus Gym – Offering a Holistic Women’s Wellness Program in Brisbane

Part of our holistic approach to women’s fitness in Brisbane includes a series of exciting group exercise classes. These courses are appropriate for most levels of fitness and a great way to get to know your gym community and socialise while getting into great shape. We offer every kind of women’s fitness program, from traditional yoga to ‘booty enhancing’ and boot camp style training to challenge you to aspire to greatness.  For example, the ‘ferocious females’ boxing course is an excellent way for women to get the toned shape that only a boxing workout can provide. This fast-paced cardio program will kick your regime into high gear! Then there's the ‘banging booties' class that is geared for women who want a bit more for ‘the back end’. This intense lower-body focused workout makes sure you sweat while enjoying a high-energy routine for the legs and rear lower extremities.

Unique Fitness Classes Give Brisbane Women a Workout Alternative

At Venus Gym in Brisbane, we also offer specialised classes for those who like to rise early, find peace and even new mums.  For the early risers who like to kick start their day, there's a class providing a high-intensity style of training. There are exclusive post-natal fitness programs designed especially for a post-baby body.  Offering free childminding as part of this course, you can really focus on yourself and revamp those pre-baby fitness goals. The post-natal classes are an excellent way for women to transition back into a pre-baby fitness routine and strengthen the core after baby.

If you’re after a more Zen state of mind why not give our Yoga classes a try?  Offering a perfect blend of balance, challenge, meditation and breath work, our yoga classes provide a relaxing change of pace. Enjoy the combination of traditional practice and a restful yoga flow taught by an internationally qualified Hatha instructor and suitable for all experience levels.   At Venus Gym, we have a group fitness class for every woman. Get started today and let our dedicated instructors inspire and motivate you - enquire online or call us on (07) 3847 9888 and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also take your weight lifting to a new level with ‘Swole Patrol”, our non-cardio weight regime.   If you prefer to get going out of doors, then the Cardio Club may be the route for you. This inspiring class will elevate your heart rate and burn fat and calories.  There’s also the popular ‘Weekend Warrior’ classes that turn fitness into fireworks by providing a new routine each week. Warriors know that the key to lasting fitness is to combine various training styles for a full body workout that leaves you toned in all the right places.

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