Venus Gym Brisbane- Free Child Minding

Venus Health & Fitness is happy to offer free child minding to all mothers so they can exercise with peace of mind.


This is a great way for you to meet other mothers with similar interests and for your little ones to make friends in a safe & secure environment. 

8 Week Challenge

After childbirth, especially if our friends don’t have children, we feel separated from society. Our focus is no longer on our social life, and we no longer have time for ourselves. Our nights are long and sleep deprived as we care for a fussy baby who wakes up multiple times a night. Our days are even longer as we struggle to meet the needs of our new baby while keeping up with our routine, whether it be a full-time job or taking care of our home. Unfortunately, we often forget to take care of ourselves as well. That’s where Venus Health and Fitness comes to the rescue. We are a gym with child minding that addresses your needs.

Unique approach to Women’s health fitness and well-being

Venus Health and Fitness is a women’s gym that takes a unique approach to women’s fitness health and wellbeing. Our nurturing environment is one where you will find support, love, and understanding. We want you to feel comfortable so you can begin feeling like your old self again. Exercise is an important component to overall health. We all know that regular exercise can improve cardiovascular health, prevent diseases, and help you shed those unwanted pounds, but there’s another critical component to your wellbeing.

Social interaction and support groups help speed recovery from illnesses and aid in maintaining a healthy outlook. We gear our gym towards fostering that social interaction for women in Brisbane that our bodies naturally crave. Today, many women just don’t live close to family, and our support systems change as we have children and our priorities shift. For many members, our women’s community has replaced family and support systems that just aren’t readily available.

Our nonjudgmental atmosphere means you will always feel comfortable in this safe place for you to begin your transformation. We have dedicated professionals here to guide you and packages like our eight-week challenge that include things like a personal diet plan, seminars, outdoor events, acupuncture therapy and discounts with all our registered practitioners. It’s a total body and mind approach, and the best part is that you can bring your children along with you.

Join a Gym with Free Child Minding

Venus is a gym with Child Minding in Brisbane. We have child carers on duty Monday to Friday, and a dedicated creche filled with books, toys, puzzles, cars, toy kitchens and much more. We allow you to train with the peace of mind knowing your little ones are being nurtured and cared for while you are only steps away caring for yourself. Give Venus a call today and get started on your road to health and wellness.

3/61 Holdsworth Street,  Coorparoo QLD 4151


Ph: (07) 3847 9888

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